First Mini Bus Trip


For the first Mini Bus Certificates I ask the teachers to choose children who have impressed them during the first week of the new Academic Year. So here they are! Libby and Emmanuel Year 1, Nicholas and Thomas Year 2, Lexi and Neve Year 3, Glem, Callum and Nicole Year 4, Promise and Zeiniddin, Year 5 and Bobbie and Raphael from Year 6.

Our first Mini Bus trip was to Woodhorn Museum near Ashington to see the poppy sculpture called `Weeping Window` designed by Paul Cummins. The thousands of ceramic poppies are hand made and were originally based at The Tower of London in 2014. Woodhorn Museum is the first place outside of London to be chosen to host the sculpture. Wow!

Our School Council


Today we had our first School Council meeting. During the week all the children in each class voted for their representative. So we have Bobbie and Lily voted in by Year 6, Shenai and Lee voted in by Year 5, Callum and Tabeer by Year 4, Macey and Miguel represent Year 3, Bruno and Fatima Year 2 and Alyssa and Libby voted in by Year 1.

We had a very entertaining first meeting; we discussed whether classes should be allowed to keep pets! The School Council representatives had to ask their classes for ideas. I`d never heard of a Long Haired Russian Hamster!

Welcome Back!

Hi everybody; I hope you had a good holiday. Seven weeks; what a long time! Any way it was wonderful to see our children again looking so smart in their uniforms.

Well as you can imagine today has been busy; we`ve admitted 16 children. That`s not our record though; last September we admitted 19 on one day.

We`ve had some new ideas for this term. They are:- awarding `Top Table` certificates to six children every week so that they can have lunch with myself and Mr Newton, running mini bus trips for parents on Wednesdays (no certificates needed!) and we`ve appointed a Librarian to help children who would like to be in the Library at lunchtimes.

World Book Day

What a fabulous day! All of the children have had a wonderful time learning about different books and stories in their classes. It was great to see so many children enthusiastic about reading, as well as getting dressed up as their favourite characters. There were 44 children who have moved to a higher reading book band in assembly today as well!

World Book Day 2015

World Book Day 2015 prt2

World Book Day prt 3

World Bookk day prt4



We have a new display in school to celebrate our children`s wonderful handwriting. There are examples of children`s writing from each Year Group on the wall and a display of calligraphy pens, quills, books and even school Log Books from the olden days on the antique desk. Corey is the first person to use the quill, ink and parchment paper. Watching Corey writing brought back lots of memories of when I was at school getting ink all over my hands!

BBC Tour





This week the children who received a Mini Bus Certificate went on a tour of the BBC! It was amazing. The children were able to dress up as characters from the Tracy Beaker series using the actual scripts to act out the scenes, see the set of one of the Horrible Histories episodes, meet famous newsreaders and actually read the news and weather using the autocues! It was a fantastic tour. We were there 2 hours but it didn`t seem like it; the time just flew by.